Who we are

Our vision

As a church, our vision has been to encounter God in us, through us and beyond us.

We strive to be a welcoming, hospitable community, as 2 Corinthians 3:17 says ‘where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’. We aim to make this a reality by encouraging whole hearted worship through music and liturgy, giving people the opportunity to step forward to use and develop their gifts.

We love coffee and fellowship, but we love our relationship with God more!

Our goals and plans

During the past year, the Church has worked through the Auckland Diocesan Healthy Church Consultation process to identify our goals and plans under the following four areas:

Knowing God

As a church, we seek to deepen our relationship with Him through worship, our prayer life and listening. We enable this by providing opportunities to be present to the presence of God in worship, for prayer at the end of each service, reflection, sharing and support through homegroups and valuing learning from excellent preaching.

Shaping Community

One of our strengths is our church community, which shows acceptance and welcome to all. We do this through hospitality, social activities, prayer ministry and pastoral care, and using multiple languages in our services.

Growing in Christ

As a church, our focus has been to encourage further growth and maturity in our relationship with Christ. We are aiming to support this by establishing discipleship programmes and courses which will be made available to all.

Living Beyond Ourselves

Our focus has been on developing and implementing opportunities to connect with our local community, we do this by offering courses, such as the Alpha course, our prison mentoring network and Posh Club.
More community programs to come.

Our team


The St Matthias church was built in 1866 and its location is now close to a growing and intensifying multi-cultural urban community. The church occupies a tranquil historic site which overlooks the Tāmaki Basin.

As a place where God has been worshiped for over 150 years, we regularly receive comments about a strong sense of God’s presence.