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Our story is a journey full of discovery, healing and restoration.

It all began in July 1820, with Samuel Marsden first visiting Makoia Pa (Current site of St Matthias church).

In his journals he wrote, “It is a very populous settlement, and contains the finest race of people I had seen in New Zealand.

It was on his visit to Mokoia Pa on the 3rd November, 1820, that Marsden wrote “in the evening we landed, to great joy of the inhabitants. There were also several chefs from distant parts visiting.

After singing a hymn and offering up our united addresses to the Father of mercies, we retired to rest” (probably the first Church service held in the Tamaki district.)

Just a year later the Mokoia area was quite uninhabited.

That fearful warrior Hongi Heke, had swept down from the north with his tribesman armed with muskets and guns and had completely wiped out the Mokoia settlement.

From this point the settlement slowly grew, the acceptance and friendship with the missionaries continued, they received their teaching, and the promised gift of the Holy Spirit.

St Matthias Anglican Church in Panmure was planted.

Now in 2020 we are entering a new period of growth and community, where God is connecting families, friends and cultures.

We are so excited at what God is doing and how the prayers of the saints before us are being answered.

Come and join us as we encounter God in us, through us and beyond us.

old map of panmure